Drew Tolbert Professional Pianist

The Journey of Drew Tolbert Professional Pianist

Go ahead let’s book your entertainment for your next big event by booking “Drew Tolbert Professional Pianist.” Don’t do that please, because this whole idea was born out of complete and total nonsense.

I come from a family of musicians. Mom, dad, siblings… all played some type of musical instrument. None of us are professional per se, but most of us have at one point or another accepted payment for performance. This is a silly nuance, and quite frankly irrelevant to everything in reality.

My mother however has her definition of professional. I believe it stemmed from her nephew (my cousin) who was a professional golfer. By that I mean, his primary vocation was giving golf lessons and working in a pro shop. Don’t get me wrong he was good, very good, however when you say I am a professional… you probably should back it up with your credentials right? Her definition is… someone who has accepted money for something is a professional.

Back to our story, it was Christmas Day 2023 and my mother was boasting about being a professional musician. After all, she accepted payment for her musical talents… you know like some church organists do. Then she had the nerve to say I wasn’t a professional!! When I have the same credentials! She didn’t remember that back in 2003, on stage at some random bar in Birmingham… I DREW TOLBERT PROFESSIONAL PIANIST doned the best music box sound effect on some old Yamaha Keyboard I borrowed from a friend and tickled the ivories with one finger and received a whopping $15 for said gig. Ok, it was only $5 because it had to be split 3 ways!

Thus, now I am “Drew Tolbert Professional Pianist,” and when you google it, guess what I am there… When you google Drew Tolbert’s mom professional pianist I am there too! So what now!?!?! Who is the most professional!?!?!?

Oh and by the way! If you watch this video I play the piano in it as well, and it generates revenue to me… SO BAM!!!! I AM DREW TOLBERT PROFESSIONAL PIANIST!!! If it can be found on Youtube and Tiktok it has to be true!!!

Drew Tolbert Professional Pianist Videos

@realdrewtolbert Sometimes I really dislike autocaptions you know as a professional pianist #subtitles #volumeup ♬ original sound – Drew Tolbert

Creating Drew Tolbert Professional Pianist

To me, the best part of this whole thing is that I got the idea to do this video, and my oldest son decided “Wait here is how you make this funnier.” His idea killed it. This was the first idea that I had gotten excited about in a long time. He is very creative, and honestly will probably be famous one day for his video creations, currently, he has about 2,000 subscribers and can be found here. Yes… he plays with his teddy bears, but man is it some funny stuff.

I had shared the idea of creating the video with a few friends and some of their ideas for this was quite brutal. I didn’t want to make my mom cry, I just wanted her to be able to google me and find Drew Tolbert Professional Pianist!

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