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The story of Drew Tolbert Private Investigator

a A few years ago, I told a story. The story was life-altering, but a few years before that… I was Drew Tolbert Private Investigator

The story itself was from when I was a private investigator, and I never expected it to explode like it did, so here is the story:

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@realdrewtolbert #stitch with @who_is_jbo1 I’m not sure if this is the kind of fact you are looking for #factsaboutme #crazyfact #story ♬ original sound – Drew Tolbert

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Creating Drew Tolbert Private Investigator

I got millions of views on this story, and to be quite honest. It was 100% unexpected. I told my oldest son (who was home sick) that I needed to create a video to answer this stitch, and honestly, I had no idea. When you live an awesome life like myself, it was difficult to know what to talk about,  I mean… I am a ninja. This is the story we decided on, and it blew up I got hundreds of comments, and even had a casting director reach out about a reality TV show (That ended up not happening).

I didn’t know how to deal with it. I was getting some imposture syndrome, I couldn’t keep up with the comments, and well it was a bit much, but I powered through, and I made it.

Story Points of Clarity

A lot of people have picked apart my story and asked a billion questions, but let’s talk about it. Yes, this event did happen! There are some things I want to set straight.

  1. I was telling this story to my son and just recorded it when I did it, so there are some things that I described as “adult-time with his lady friend” that were just kissing and heavy petting (get your mind out of the gutter you perverts)
  2. I had to do the robot voice over the guy that I stitched because of some weird Tiktok Glitch, you can find his profile here (I want to give credit where credit is due)
  3. I truly don’t know if the people went through with the divorce, however the house did go up for sale
  4. This was years ago, and I don’t know their names (sorry bad memory)
  5. I shortened the story, I had followed him around to multiple places well outside of Birmingham and we didn’t go all the way to Nashville. I drove for 2 hours. It isn’t that far from Birmingham Metro to Nashville Metro (get off my back that it is like a 10-hour drive, downtown to downtown is 3 hours Google it)
  6. Some people have complained about the fact that I videoed him in the privacy in his own home. I did not, I implied that but didn’t. Your imagination told you that. The detail that I left out was yes I could see into the house, but all videos were recorded of the marks outside. This is one of those scenarios of poetic license. I don’t tell you something and you think it (get your mind out of the gutter you perverts).
  7. Also, the tree I climbed was in a common area, like a playground/park area. I was in Public… he was outside, you don’t have privacy in that scenario.
  8. The rest of the story is kind of dull, no one knew who I was so there was no confrontation. That is why I left it out.

Learning from Drew Tolbert Private Investigator

Can I share something with you? This story made me realize something about video creation that I never realized. If I am concise and not detail-driven, a lot of people will fill in those details for me. Here are some facts, you can never verify if this story is true or false, I can assure you it is, but I may not even be Drew Tolbert. I could be a ghostwriter who is writing to entertain you.

You should assume that everything you see on social media is for entertainment purposes only. Interact, and give feedback, but assume it is fiction. There were a lot of people who truly got upset over this story, and there were some people who thought I was heroic (catching the cheating spouse), it was weird to me. That people would have any vested interest in a 2-minute video.

Thank you as always for your support, follow me on social media I am @realdrewtolbert everywhere

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