Who is DJ The Invader from the Savannah Bananas

Who is DJ the Invader from the Savannah Bananas

If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to see the baseball circus known as the Savannah Bananas, you need to do that! Immediately! (Or as fast as you can, because they sell out pretty fast). After watching them I HAD to know, Who is DJ the Invader?

Who is DJ The Invader

The Savannah Bananas have several unique players. A player walking on stilts, a player that sings his own walk-up music, cowboys, rodeo clowns, and an alien are all just unique players you may see playing their flagship game of “Banana Ball.” The hard-throwing, alien/spaceman, pitcher caught my eye. This pitcher pitches wearing a space helmet and is very enigmatic. A Google search will cause you to strike out (pun intended) attempting to find out exactly who this person is.

I assumed that this character had a reason to conceal his identity. Maybe he was some ex-major leaguer. Or potentially he was known for some other reasons. I broke out my sleuthing skills and decided once and for all who is DJ The Invader.

After scouring several social media accounts and watching some videos, I was able to find out exactly who he is… so I had to post it on my TikTok!

Who is DJ The Invader Tiktoks


@realdrewtolbert Doing my typical #privateinvestigator work. #savannahbananas #fansfirst #gobananas #bananaball ♬ original sound – Drew Tolbert

@realdrewtolbert Replying to @DJTheInvader cant wait to see #bananaball on the 25th #savannahbananas #gobananas @The Party Animals @thesavbananas ♬ original sound – Drew Tolbert

Creating Who is DJ The Invader videos

Alright, you struck out too (pun intended). I did figure out who he was, and my wife was immediately concerned. Are you going to share that on social media? So, I said I wasn’t. His secret is safe with me. However, this doesn’t mean that I won’t regularly post videos pretending like I am going to.

Who knows when I go see them (two times this year) maybe he will recognize me?

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