Uncovering the Secrets Behind ‘Under the Oak Tree’

Under the oak tree

As an author, there are few things more exhilarating than bringing a story to life. My novel, “Under the Oak Tree,” is a journey that combines the magic of time travel with the poignant experiences of coming-of-age. In this blog post, I want to take you behind the scenes and share some of the secrets and inspirations that shaped this story. Whether you’re a fan of the book or a fellow writer looking for insights, I hope you’ll find this exploration as fascinating as I did while crafting it.

The Inspiration for Under the Oak Tree

The seed for “Under the Oak Tree” was planted in my mind during a lonely drive down the road. On a trip to Savannah, Georgia, the towering oak trees, with their sprawling branches and ancient aura, seemed like the perfect symbol of stability and timelessness. It became the cornerstone of the story, representing both the comfort of familiarity and the gateway to unknown adventures. Quite a few elements coincide with my real life. Not to make the joke too many times, but I have never actually discovered time travel.

Character Development

The characters in “Under the Oak Tree” are deeply personal to me. Eric, the protagonist, is a blend of many people I know and admire. His journey from a boy seeking solace under the oak tree to a young man grappling with the mysteries of time travel mirrors the struggles we all face in understanding our place in the world. Kaitlyn and Caitlyn, with their courage and curiosity, was inspired by the strong, inquisitive women in my life. Lucas was based on my best friend. He was meant to be that voice of reason when things are about to go south. Josh was almost meant to be the counter to Lucas, a little less serious and more of the comic relief.

The Magic of Time Travel

Incorporating time travel into the story was a thrilling challenge. I wanted to create a system that felt both magical and grounded in some form of reality. The idea of the mysterious rock that becomes a portal when electrified came from a blend of scientific curiosity and the whimsical “what if” scenarios that often populate my thoughts that I share with my friends. It adds an element of suspense and wonder, making each journey through time a pivotal moment in the narrative.

Setting the Scene

Setting plays a crucial role in “Under the Oak Tree.” The quiet town of Warrior, Alabama, more specifically the community of Corner, Alabama with its rich history and serene landscapes, provides a perfect backdrop for the story. The contrast between the tranquil present and the dynamic past that Eric and Kaitlyn explore highlights the changes that time brings. Every location, from the oak tree to the high school, is crafted to evoke a sense of place and atmosphere that pulls readers deeper into the story. Not to mention it just so happens to be where I grew up. When writing this I envisioned it from the perspective of an outsider looking in as if I were there to tell their story merely.

Themes and Messages

At its core, “Under the Oak Tree” is about growth, friendship, and the passage of time. It’s a reflection on how our past shapes us and how the bonds we form can transcend time. The oak tree, as a recurring motif, symbolizes endurance and continuity, reminding us that while we may move through different phases of life, some things remain constant.


“Under the Oak Tree” is more than just a story—it’s a piece of my heart. Sharing its secrets with you is a way of connecting and giving you a glimpse into the world behind the pages. I hope this journey behind the scenes enriches your reading experience and inspires your own creative endeavors. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as I continue to explore the lives of Eric, Kaitlyn, and the magical oak tree in future stories.


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