Welcome to Drew Tolbert’s Beta Reader Community!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a beta reader for Drew Tolbert’s upcoming releases! Beta readers play a crucial role in the book development process by providing valuable feedback that helps shape the final product.

What You’ll Do:

As a beta reader, you’ll receive advance digital copies of Drew Tolbert’s latest work before it is published. Your job will be to read through these manuscripts and provide honest feedback on aspects like plot, characters, pacing, and emotional engagement.

What You’ll Get:

In return for your insightful feedback, you’ll get a first look at exciting new stories, direct interaction with the author (Drew Tolbert), and free final copies of the books you help refine. You might also be featured in acknowledgments!

Sign Up Below:

Please fill out the form below to join Drew Tolbert’s beta reader program. Tell us a bit about your reading preferences and any previous experience with beta reading, if applicable.

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